1 Million Idea

Hello Brother and Sister. I felt this raw feeling through and through my mind and body, that this concept is to become reality. We are all in need of money, to live a life of prosperity. While also realising that it is euros or dollars or whatever is not the true measure of wealth.

The Idea is to give people something, that is useful in that moment. Be it a product, service or just a reminder. Whatever. I feel that the best ideas shall be used by as many people possible. Imagine if 1 Million people would believe in your idea. Imagine if your idea is so worthy, that people would donate 1.11 worth of cash.


If you can come up with it. It’s just a matter of Time, before you become a millionaire, and set yourself up for this life. The catch of this game is, that one should be prepared for it not to be an overnight success. One should make a deal with himself not to cash out, before one actually hits the 1 million. AND for the million to come, I feel one should already have a wise plan of how and where he/she will spend/invest the money.


So, this is how it works. I am the firestarter in the matter. So I ask the Great God to bless me and the Universe the Enlighten me. Please provide 900901 persons that will find this idea useful and deposit to my account 1.11 euro/dolla/crypto worth of Cash. I am grateful as your humble servant of ideas.

Flow Plan

(Daily Structure Chart)